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BESTIA ULTIMATE CARP ROD (50mm) 13ft 4-6 oz Orient Rods

Proizvajalec: Orient Rods
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BESTIA ULTIMATE CARP ROD (50mm) 13ft 4-6 oz Orient Rods


Bestia je prava univerzalna palica - Gre za odlično razmerje pri metu in borbu z ribo. Palica namenjena za ribolov na večji daljini. Serija palic Ultimate je močna in občutljiva - lahko se uporablja tudi kot Spod  ali Marker palico! Palice vam omogočajo, da naredite natančne mete z minimalnimi napori, in borba z ribami vseh velikosti bo pravi užitek! Serija ULTIMATE se lahko uporablja tudi kot spod ali marker palica!   Bestia 12 '3,5LB bo zasedel dostojno mesto v celotni liniji palic Full Drive. Od 13 ft palice se razlikuje samo v daljini in manjši teži. Palica ima nekoliko močnejši zgornji del (v primerjavi s palico Bestia 13ft 3,5LB). To omogoči povečanje pospeška pri metu z palico, zaradi česar se z njo doseže podobne daljine kot z daljšim 13ft modelom. 


  • FULL DRIVE CONCEPT -  provides the most uniform power distribution throughout the rod’s blank;
  • Unique patented blank design (WIPO Global Design Database DM/090 372) fir-tree;
  • The blank is made using the most high - modulus Japanese Toray carbon fiber materials available on the market today 55-66msi (40T+46T);
  • Rods are light, rigid and have a real test curve;
  • To protect the blank and to add some extra strength and rigidity, we applied a special carbon fiber Twill finish 3K, which also serves as a reinforcing layer;
  • As a final protection layer the rod is covered with a special highest quality two-component epoxy varnish 2K, which not only protects the blank from any aggressive weather impacts, but also adding a nice 3 dimensional appearances to the entire rod! 
  • We use only the finest quality components for our rods such genuine 18mm FUJI DPS reel seat and the latest full Stainless Steel, impact resistant S-KL type 50mm guides with SIC inserts! The advantage of using such the guides is that we can use the latest generations of extremely thin braided and monofilament lines. Also they reduce a possibility of formation of any knots and an overlapping effect.
  • The rods are fitted with both standard Fuji DPS 18mm reel seats and Orient carbon reel seats with original Fuji components;
  • Bestia is a real universal rod - its blank will work as fast action when casting, and as a medium - fast action when landing a fish! The Ultimate series of rods are powerful and sensitive - can be used as Spod and Marker rods too!
  • The rods allow you to do  long distance and very accurate casts with minimal efforts, and playing with a fish of any size will be a real pleasure!
  • ULTIMATE series can be used  as spod and marker rods too!


  • Bestia 12' 3,5LB will occupy a worthy place in the entire line of the Full Drive rods. It will differ from its older sister not only with a shorter length and a smaller weight. It will also have a slightly stronger Top Section (in comparison with Bestia 13‘ 3.5LB rod). This will give the opportunity to increase acceleration when casting the rod, easily and without failures work with weights in its test range and as a result neutralize the length reduction.

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