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Kraparska palica IVA CARP ROD 13ft 3,5lb Orient Rods

Proizvajalec: Orient Rods
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Kraparska palica IVA CARP ROD 13ft 3,5lb Orient Rods


  • TOP DRIVE CONCEPT - as opposed to the Butt Drive, has a more powerful Top Section and a softer Butt Section. In this rod constructively increased power (stiffness + strength) of the Tip Section and we designed a bit softer Butt Section. This makes it possible to effectively do long casts in a shorter arc and with different overhangs. The structural feature of the Butt Section is to give the maximum initial acceleration to the Tip Section (like the work of a whip), and to quickly stabilize it after casting;
  • Synchronicity in the Butt - Tip Section system provides maximum comfort when playing with a fish;
  • Unique patented blank design (WIPO Global Design Database DM/090 372) fir-tree;
  • Use of 5 guides (patented 5G guides system) minimizes possible overlaps when using mono and thick shock leaders, strong side wind, old mono lines, etc .;
  • FUJI K - series SIC Full Stainless Steel guides. First guide 30mm;
  • Blank material: Toray Japan- 55-66 msi (40T + 46Т);
  • To protect the blank and to add some extra strength and rigidity, we applied a special carbon fiber Plain finish 1K, which also serves as a reinforcing layer;
  • Reel Seat: ORIENT - FUJI with a special engraving on the carbon insert;
  • Finishing the handle with a carbon stocking gives a stunning look. The structure of its surface is not only pleasant to the touch, but also non-slip, resistant to wear, easy to clean and practical to use;
  • Butt cap: Black anodized aviation aluminum with a carbon insert with our logo;
  • Weight 350g;
  • Optimal casting weight 120-128g;.
  • Casting Distance: 200+ m.

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