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Šotor JRC - Extreme TX Bivvy 1 man

Proizvajalec: Jrc
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Šotor JRC - Extreme TX Bivvy 1 man  

Odlično razmerje med kvalite in ceno:


  • Zmogljiva struktura 2 rebra
  • Dvostranska konstrukcija vrat s tremi možnostmi vrat (prozorna, zelena, mozzy)
  • Dvosmerni sistem vrat,
  • 20000 mm HH Hydra-Tex® material
  • šotor je bil šivan za extremne razmere
  • Področje HD PVC z dolgo življenjsko dobo
  • Poševni šivi
  • Visoko zmogljive zadrge
  • Dimenzije: (L) 230cm x (Š) 260cm x (V) 140cm
  • Priloženi klini in vreča za shranjevanje in
  • Veliki zračniki, zaščiteni z nevihtnimi nevihtnimi pregradami


When you’re heading out to the bank for a long weekend, you want to be comfortable, and ensure that all your tackle, clothing, and equipment can be kept reasonably clean and dry. You need a bivvy, but you need one that’s quick and simple to set up and pack away, and you need the peace of mind of knowing that your shelter can withstand any storm; after all, you don’t want to be forced to head for home because overnight rainstorms soaked your sleeping bag, do you?

On top of all that, your bivvy needs to be light enough that getting it down to the bank isn’t too much of a chore. At just 11.5kg, with a profile of 26cm x 230cm x 140cm (width, depth, height), the JRC Extreme TX 1 Man Bivvy is the perfect choice for ensuring you can enjoy all the comforts of home right beside your favourite swim.

Giving you the all season, all weather protection of a 20,000mm HydraTex hydrostatic head, with cooling vents shielded by anti-leak storm baffles, the TX 1 Man from JRC ensures you’re always dry, cool, and completely comfortable, no matter how frightful the weather outside gets. From searing summer heat on Continental carp jaunts, to the wind-lashed, rain-soaked shores of the British isles, there’s nothing this deceptively compact bivvy can’t handle.

Bringing a surprising amount of internal space in contrast to its small footprint, the bivvy gives you room to move, even when you’re travelling fully loaded with all your quality tackle. This makes the TX 1 Man perfect for week-long fishing holidays, and a great choice for the travelling competitive angler.

A storm peak zip front gives you two doors, with a choice of three door panels; clear PVC, green nylon, or mozzy mesh, allowing you to style your bivvy for the conditions you’ll be facing, and the way you like to fish, while high performance zips and taped seams give you a tough, resilient shield against the elements, with the smooth zip operation ensuring getting out when you get a bite is always swift and effortless.

When it comes to complete bankside comfort, the best just got better with the JRC TX 1 Man Bivvy, a must for all keen carpers, and those who support them.


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